Sushi Fumi

I thought long and hard about blogging about Sushi Fumi, whether it was a good idea to keep this hidden gem, well hidden. As you can tell, I never really learned to share in kindergarten. Sushi Fumi is a relatively new sushi restaurant that opened a little over a month ago on La Cienaga Boulevard. […]

Craft Los Angeles

In honor of dineLA, my friend and I decided on an impromptu trip to Craft at the eleventh hour. Now, Craft doesn’t really have the greatest selections of choices during dineLA, so we opted to order from the regular menu. Part of my rationale for choosing Craft, as I could recollect, was due to the […]


The last time I ate at n/naka was for my birthday month (that’s right – I celebrate my ENTIRE birthday month, not just one day) back in October, so I was pretty damn stoked to go again! And I will be totally unapologetic about failing to hide my enthusiasm, because I love me some good […]